Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

Take a closer look at our practice. Knowing what to expect will minimize anxiety and enhance your vision correction experience.

The day of your LASIK procedure, you and a family member or friend will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to surgery. Our laser vision counselor will assist you in completing any final paperwork. You will then have the option to take a sedative to help you relax during the procedure.

Our laser vision technical team will ensure that your family and friends are comfortable and settled in our waiting area. We will then escort you into the laser surgery suite.

Once you enter the laser suite, you will notice that we keep the temperature in the laser suite slightly cool. If needed, we will cover you with a blanket to keep you warm and comfortable.

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Your eye area will be gently cleansed with betadine and anesthetic drops will be instilled into the eye to numb it.

We will then rotate your bed so that you are directly under the laser. One of our technicians will then check to make sure you are aligned and in proper position and will then ask you to focus on a blinking light that is surrounded by a white circle. Your physician will then gently open your eyelids and insert a retainer that will hold your eyelids open during the procedure. The retainer will not hurt and it will make it impossible for you to blink during the laser surgery.

At this point your surgeon will be instructing you to focus on the blinking light while he begins to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea. This entire laser procedure is completely painless and typically takes less than 60 seconds. The flap will then be repositioned on the eye and fixed into place.

After your treatment is complete, some drops will be inserted into the eye. Your surgeon will take you into a post-op room and go over complete post-op instructions. Before leaving you will have clear plastic shields placed on the eye for protection and comfort. While the actual procedure is painless due to the numbing eye drops, you may experience some slight irritation during the immediate post-operative period.

The total time you will spend at the laser facility the day of surgery will be an hour and a half.

In a few days, you will be invited back for a follow-up exam. The doctor will check your eyes and test your vision. Many of our patients report remarkable results.

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